Hello 2017

A belated Happy New Year to everyone! As the end of Jan approaches I can say it’s definitely been a month of reflection, setting personal goals and planning how to live my best life in this year ahead. As always, I plan to create more (hopefully sell more) and travel more. I want to be … More Hello 2017

Sunday Snapshots

I’ve been preparing to give my Etsy store a pre-Christmas boost with some new stock of jewellery and bags and thought I’d share a few pics with you as I work my way through the painful listing process. I really wish their was a less time consuming way to do this. In other thoughts, I’ve … More Sunday Snapshots

Morrocan Madness

Right now I’m in the magical city of Marrakech, Morrocco. In the 4 days that we’ve been here we’ve got lost in the maze of the old medina walls, haggled in the souks, had our sense of smell viciously attacked in a traditional tannery (a place where animal hides are prepared, stretched and dyed – … More Morrocan Madness


This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is H2O! Water fascinates me, the incredibly powerful source of all life that can take on so many forms.This water filled photo was taken on a beautifully cloudy day in Lake Como, Italy. Until next time! Dx In response to the  Weekly Photo Challenge    

Tuesday Check In

This week I wanted to show you some pics of a bag that has been under construction for some time that has finally been completed. I had the design in my mind and after sketching and creating our own patterns, changing the design, not getting the shape we wanted, making a few cuts and numerous … More Tuesday Check In

Stunning Sintra

So I planned to post pics from Portugal last week but didn’t plan on being in a WIFI black hole. We tried in vain to get connected for the first couple of days then eventually we accepted the situation and enjoyed just being totally disconnected for a couple of days. No Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp was kinda … More Stunning Sintra

Wedding Guest Fashion

Next week the hubby and I will be heading off to a wedding in the beautiful picturesque town of Sintra in Portugal. I’ve visited Portugal a couple of times before but this will be our first trip to the fairytale town and we’re super excited about it. There are castles, forests, caves and beaches all just waiting to … More Wedding Guest Fashion