In the beginning…..

I used to buy jewellery from all kinds of high street shops, Accessorize, Topshop, River Island, you name it  and I’ve trawled the stands looking for that perfect piece. I’m eclectic in my tastes, sometimes I like a funky ethnic inspired statement necklace and other times I’m on the look-out for a delicate pearl earring. The problem was they were never unique enough. Someone always had the same one or recognised where it cane from, “Oh snap, hahaha” or “That’s from Accessorize isn’t it??”. These comments drove me insane, why couldn’t I just have something that no-one else had? That hadn’t been mass produced in China! So, caught up in my desperate desire for originality I started to restrict my jewellery purchasing to holidays. Instead of hitting Oxford Street, I would hit an old Spanish town, a Turkish market or  Thai beach stall in search of locally made pieces that would blow the socks off Acessorize’s best efforts – and it worked!! It was through talking to these local jewellery sellers that I was introduced to the world of semi precious stones (SPS) and I never looked back. There’s something pretty special about SPS. Beautiful, heavy, cold, hard chunks of natural rock – some polished and smooth, others rough and untreated. Endless variations, all with different origins and histories to learn – excuse the the geekness but they are fascinating!

Deciding to make my own pieces has been like a natural progression. I love the whole creative processes, deciding on colours, shapes, sizes, stringing materials, techniques. But most of all I love hearing those three little words…”where’s that from?” Result!!!!


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