Partying & Bead Hunting in The Dam!

So, tomorrow morning (at a time too ridiculously early to mention) I will be flying to Amsterdam to celebrate a friend’s last nights of freedom before she enters the world of marital bliss! Well they’re not actually her last nights as the wedding isn’t for another month, but this way she gets to have all the fun of the hen night – let her hair down, lose all inhibitions and party hard in the city of sex, drugs and..erm…cycling??? – whilst still leaving plenty of time for facials and primping so she can look fabulous on the big day!!

I am certainly looking forward to my first visit to the Dutch city and as always, I’ll be on the look out for any beads, stones and other jewellery bits I can get my hands on. I’ve been unreliably informed (no information gathered after a day spent in a coffee shop in Amsterdam can be deemed reliable) that there are “crafty type jewellery/trinket shops” to be found. I might have to do abit of last minute Googling to see if there are any markets or particular crafty areas of the city I should be visiting. I will post details of any good finds when I return and hopefully I can also share some new Amsterdam inspired pieces!

For now, I thought I’d share a couple of pieces from my collection that I’ll be packing in my Amsterdam bag (along with the horribly tacky hen party paraphernalia). I’m in a slightly green and earthy mood for this trip, very laid back, perfect for wondering around the cobbles and canals or relaxing in a coffee shop. Although I might just throw in a fancy pair for the evening activities (not decided on those yet!!).

See you on the other side x

Impression Jasper Earrings & Wood, green Moss Agate & Yellow Cracked Agate Necklace.


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