Despite the planning…

Ok, so our trip to Amsterdam wasn’t exactly as we planned it, there were unexpected tears, an abandoned inflatable man doll named Tony and a missed flight, but we still had lots of fun. Annoying, I didn’t find any time to wander the streets in search of jewellery or bead shops, which means a return trip is on the cards! To be fair, wandering the streets of Amsterdam can be quite hazardous, trying to avoid being hit by a bicycle, car or tram. The weather forecast had been for rain but amazingly the sun managed to fight it’s way out from behind the grey clouds that first greeted us at Schiphol Airport and all was well. I won’t go into too much detail about the weekend, as they say “What happens in The Dam stays in The Dam” – Ok maybe they say Vegas, but you get the point! I will say that the bride to be had a thoroughly good time and despite our best efforts, made it back to London in one piece.

I’m really looking forward to going back to Amsterdam, there is still so much I need to see and do (and buy) but until then I’ll leave you with my two favourite pics from the weekend (well, the ones that are suitable for publication).

Bikes Rule – This is the first lesson you learn as a pedestrian tourist to Amsterdam. Bikes don’t follow the rules, it’s their way or else! Tip 1: If you hear the tinkle of a bicycle bell, move out of the way and fast! Tip 2: You can’t beat them so you might as well join them. Hire a bike and make some other poor pedestrian’s life hell!!

Refreshingly Honest – I found the Dutch people really friendly and welcoming, a real “tell it like it is” bunch. Some may find their bluntness offensive but I say “call a spade a spade”.



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