Jewellery Really is Magic!

So it looks like my Red Aventurine & Amethyst sunshine necklace’s magic is starting to work already. The forecast for this weekend is dry & sunny and here’s the evidence to prove it – a beautiful rainbow over London yesterday as the cloud and rain finally give way to a little sunshine.

It’s now less than a week to go until the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games, so I’m hoping the sun stays around. Not just so  that outdoor events won’t be a washout, but also so that the million or so visitors expected to descend on our city actually get a chance to get out and see what London is all about. It really is a fab city.

So now that the sun is out, I can finally bring some brighter, summer colours to my jewellery making and I’m kicking off with this super cute bracelet made of Pink Quartzite, Turquoise & Hematite. It’s girly and pretty and really stands out on your wrist.

I’ve jut spent the morning ordering more brightly coloured beads (always very exciting) so watch this space for some more summer styles. Right now I’m off to lunch & shop – Happy Weekend!!


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