Help, Storage Needed!!

I’m starting to have a real problem with storage, I have beads coming out of my ears and no solution! Last weekend, in preparation for the arrival of my latest bead order, I purchased another multiple compartment storage box. Sadly I underestimated the size of my order and it’s now full so I’m back to square one, looking for somewhere to neatly stash my ever expanding mountain of beads and findings. If anyone has a useful storage solution idea that can help, please let me know asap!!! Otherwise I fear the beads will take over completely!!

So, I was recently asked to make a necklace for a little girl. She’s 5 and a little sweetheart but I have never created any children’s pieces before and I didn’t really know where to start. I wanted it to be cute and girly (although she’s not really into pink) but at the same time I still wanted it to be a in the style of D~Stone designs. Inspired by desire to be beside the sea right now. I used some Chinese Amazonite Chips I purchased in last week’s bulk order and cobalt blue seed beads to create what I think is a pretty cute little necklace. She hasn’t seen it yet so the jury’s still out, I’ll let you know when the verdict’s in!!



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