Belated Olympics or Carnival Inspired Pieces

Last night I finally got around to making the long promised Olympic inspired pieces. I have to admit that it was hard work doing these after the excitement of the Olympics had passed. There are so many designs floating around my head that I want to make that I feel these were a little forced. But hey, I said I’d do them and I stuck to my word. After making them I realised that the designs could possibly be useful for another, completely different event, the Notting Hill Carnival! This holiday Sunday & Monday around 1 million people will take to the streets of West London to dance, eat, drink and just have a great time. Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain! I think the carnival gets a lot of bad press sometimes, yes there’s the odd idiot who comes to make trouble but on the whole it’s a peaceful event and as the largest street party in Europe it’s something for London to be proud of. It’s also a chance to get your flags out a celebrate London’s cultural diversity. So maybe if I pop by over the weekend I can wear one of my new necklaces…

Carnival comes to Notting Hill

Image   Image

Red Dyed Quartz, White Howlite Chips, and Blue Lapis Lazuli Chips



Red Coral Cubes, White Howlite Chips and Blue Sodalite Nuggets







Black Sardoynx, Yellowstone Ovals and Green Moss Agate Chunks





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