Wire Wrapping Woe

A new delivery of beads and three new briefs to fulfil has been keeping me very busy these last few days. My mind has been working round the clock to get ideas on paper and sometimes I find myself just staring at a handful of different beads waiting to see what will jump out at me, but it’s all part of the fun of the creative proces. This time around my briefs include a children’s necklace incorporating pink & turquoise, large earth tone earrings to pair with a ethnic print dress and a statement necklace which can be worn with two very different dresses. I’m excited to see how they all turn out and of course I’ll be sharing the finished pieces with you.

Despite a hectic long weekend, I did manage to get some jewellery making done and I was very excited to finally make use of some dyed crystal that I picked up earlier this year on a trip to Tennessee. I purchased three chunky pieces of crystal in blue, green and pink (among other cool things) thinking they would make great pendants because they were so interestingly shaped, but not thinking that their “interesting” shape included super sharp edges that would make them a nightmare to wrap. This necklace lasted approximately 1 day before the 26 gauge (a foolish choice I know, but it was all I had) wire wrap was in pieces. I’ll now have to get some thicker wire and start over, but it was pretty while it lasted (and will be again, I hope!).

Hematite, Salwag Nut and Crystal



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