Project Restoration

Right now I’m relaxing in sunny California and in my last post before flying out here I said that I probably wouldn’t be posting anything for a week or so, but I’ve been thinking over a little jewellery problem and wanted to share it. A few months ago on my last trip out to the US, I … More Project Restoration

One For The Road

As I’ll be away for the next 2 weeks, I thought I’d take a break from attempting to pack what seems like all my worldly possessions into a case the size of a large shoebox (note to self – shop for new luggage) and share a piece that I’ve been working on for ages and have … More One For The Road

Sometimes Things Don’t Always Go To Plan..

This weekend I started work on the statement necklace I need to fulfil one of my latest briefs. In my mind I had multiple layers of draped copper chain with rainbow fluorite oval beads hanging down and a contrasting large centre-piece pendant. Now, the planning stage is not my strong point and had I taken the time to count … More Sometimes Things Don’t Always Go To Plan..