Sometimes Things Don’t Always Go To Plan..

This weekend I started work on the statement necklace I need to fulfil one of my latest briefs. In my mind I had multiple layers of draped copper chain with rainbow fluorite oval beads hanging down and a contrasting large centre-piece pendant. Now, the planning stage is not my strong point and had I taken the time to count all of my rainbow fluorite beads in advance I would have realised ahead of time that I didn’t have enough to complete this ambitious project. Instead, I excitedly set to work making the ovals into links and attaching them one at a time to the copper chain, until halfway thorough the second row and the penny dropped! Not one to admit defeat, I changed my dramatic draped necklace into a choker. A row of rainbow fluorite ovals around the neck with the pendant attached by a piece of copper chain. Now that would have been completely fine if I didn’t have completely irrational issues with all chokers in general. Despite the fact that I use to wear them religiously in the 90’s, no matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to appreciate them the way I used to. So in the belief that third time is lucky, I gave up the choker idea and transformed my copper chain and rainbow fluorite ovals once again. This time moving away from neckwear and going for a bracelet. Well let’s jut say I’m very happy with the result. The bracelet is a little different than some of the stuff I’ve been making lately, it’s delicate, gently hangs on your wrist and the warm earth tones make it perfect for the Autumn, see for yourself…..


The only thing is, whilst I’ve made a lovely new addition the the D~Stone range, I don’t have the necklace I need to fulfil my client brief. Luckily I still have plenty of time to get it done, so I think I’ll take a minute of two to do abit of forward planning – lesson learnt! 😉


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