Time to Get Organised

Back in London (but still on California time which is why I’m up writing a post at 2:30am !) and I have so many new ideas that my brain feels overloaded. I’m struggling to find the discipline needed to concentrate on getting certain pieces made and I think I’ve said before that my planning needs some attention. So to get myself on the right path I’ve acquired a nice little scrapbook to sketch designs and note down the things that inspire me. So far so good. I’ve already done some sketching, written a plan of action for completing my briefs and getting some new pieces made and I hate to say it but my new scrapbook has even had me thinking about Christmas!!!  The plan isn’t to do Christmas themed pieces exactly (no gift box earrings, tinsel necklaces or bracelets of holly),  instead I will be creating some fabulously glamourous pieces to wear to all the Christmas & New Years Eve parties. I’ll have to update you on that a little closer to the time though, because I hate using the “C” word before November.

So today I just wanted to share a couple of things, firstly my excitement at picking up some fab new beads on my travels, my favourites being these stunning chunky Agate nuggets….

I was so excited when I saw these in the store. You might not be able to see so well in the picture but the banding is wonderful. I also picked up a bunch of  faceted crystal and Czech fire polished glass beads, of which I particularly like these amber and green coloured beauties…


The green beads also have a copper coloured two-tone finish which you can just see in the pic, it’s so pretty. I have to admit that I did go a little crazy but luckily my credit card wasn’t cut off until the last day! But no need to worry I wasn’t over the limit, my bank were just concerned about fraudulent usage, apparently credit card thieves like to buy excessive amounts of beads too! 🙂

Secondly, I wanted to share a piece I made to welcome the Autumn season. Inspired by the leaves falling from the trees, the reds, yellows, browns & golds in this necklace will look great with some light Autumn knitwear.


Till next time.


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