Making Slow Progress

Whist I’ve been hard at work sketching new designs in my trusty notebook, time has been flying and I realised that I have about a week and a half left to design and make a gift for a friend’s 30th birthday. Yesterday I unashamedly went through my jewellery collection in search of a ready made piece that I could gift, sadly I couldn’t find anything that was right. My friend’s taste in jewellery is minimal, she likes delicate little pieces that blend in, nothing like the typical D~Stone chunky style. I’m a bit stumped really, maybe some little pearl and crystal earrings or a rose quartz and silver bracelet?? Whatever I decide I need to get it done sooner rather than later!

Despite being caught up in the design process, I have actually managed to get some work done and have made these fab earrings to fulfil a brief. I delivered them today and the recipient was very happy, phew!! I do get a bit nervous when I present finished pieces, there’s always the worry that they won’t be liked and I usually end up bringing one or two back up pieces just in case.

These are simply Dalmatian Jasper Rounds on a black chain but they look super elegant. They’ll be great for evening-wear but could work just as well in the daytime.

I’ve actually finished quite a few pieces recently, once I’ve completed a mini photo-shoot I’ll post them for you.


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