Breaking a Habit

I just wanted to do a quick post to show you a bracelet that I made this weekend. Usually when I make bracelets I do the stretchy kind. Years of trying to buy jewellery for my unnaturally skinny wrists has taught me that elastic is my friend. But recently I’ve been trying to kick the elastic habit, so I slaved all afternoon to create this elaborately beaded piece which I wore out on Saturday night. Sadly the skinny wrist curse struck again and at some point during the night my beautiful new bracelet slipped off of my wrist. When I realised it was gone I just couldn’t understand it. There was no way it could have fallen off, I was convinced that the clasp must have been faulty and broken. Resigned to the fact that I had wasted my afternoon creating a piece that I would now never see again, I decided to treat it as a lesson learned (lesson being to stick to stretch!) and get on with enjoying my evening. A short while later, as if by magic, a friend arrives with bracelet in hand. I’m stunned, not only was it found, but it was in one piece – no broken clasp or anything!! So I now have to accept the fact that it did just slip off, like so many others have done in the past. It’s a sad situation but I refuse to be beaten, a little more planning and I will be stretch free!

This bracelet was made using salwag nut, hematite and metallic seed beads sewn together using a right angle weave technique.




4 thoughts on “Breaking a Habit

  1. It is beautiful and so well done. My wife is also beader and she has made nearly quite similar model but of course not same color.

    If You are interested to see what she has done, then check my posts:

    Beads as hobby

    Have a wonderful day!

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