Banishing Negativity

Today was supposed to be the day I finished (and started) work on my friend’s 30th birthday gift, but it’s been the most negative Monday I’ve had a really long time that I’m in no mood to create anything, let alone a dainty inconspicuous piece. Instead, I’ve been staring at some dark square Bloodstone beads I have, thinking of a oversized chunky necklace. As any gem lover knows, stones have for centuries been said to have metaphysical properties and whilst my Bloodstone beads may look dark and moody they’re actually known to raise self esteem, give courage during grief or emotional trauma and bring about prosperity and success. So, instead of feeding my negative mood, I’ve decided to fight it with jewellery!!

Citrine is a positive stone said to clear negativity, so I’m planning to use some to create a piece that I can wear whenever I need some positive influences. I’ll post a picture once it’s done.


In the meantime I wanted to show you these earrings I made late last week. They are Chrysocolla rectangles  with tibetan silver accents. Chrysocolla is said to be a calming stone which enhances personal power and inspires creativity. It is also said to draw out negativity and supply motivation – all the things I could use right now!


Till next time


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