Dedicated to Gift Giving

The night before last I showed my dedication to giving handmade gifts and finished work on my friend’s 30th birthday gift. Despite having had a few afterwork drinks, getting home past 11pm and being generally exhausted,  I had no choice but put on my PJ’s and get to work. Luckily for me, the only thing left to do was attach the clasp, otherwise I would have turned up at last night’s dinner with empty hands and a mouthful of excuses!

I was glad to have finally finished the piece as it had been quite a long process. I’d started out making a single strand Rose Quartz bracelet with silver accents and had even finished it but I just wasn’t satisfied. It was simple and pretty and I’m sure she would have liked it but I needed more. I wanted a piece a little more noticeable that hopefully she would remember receiving 6 months from now. So, thinking I had all the time in the world, I took apart bracelet number one and set to work on it’s successor. Firstly, I incorporated some Malachite chips, thinking the gorgeous deep green colour would be a nice contract to the pale rose quartz. Next came the Chinese Amazonite and before I knew it I had ditched the Rose Quartz altogether. Numerous variations later, I had a twisted three strand Malachite, Chinese Amazonite and Fluorite chip bracelet with silver finishings. I was really pleased with it, just the right amount of chunkiness to get noticed but still maintaining some soft, delicate tones. I think she liked it too!


On another note, I’m really excited to be going to The Big Bead Show this Saturday in Surrey. There promises to be tons of beads and jewellery supplies which will more than make up for me having to wake up super early on the weekend. I know that it can be a little overwhelming at shows so I’m planning in advance and will have list of everything I need. I’ll post my new goodies next week, fingers crossed I’ll find some real gems! 😉

Till next time


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