The Evolution of a Necklace

On Sunday I went to my final wedding of the year and in the interests of money (& time) saving I decided I would recycle the dress & jewellery I wore to the last wedding. So out came the floaty polka dot number, this time with the addition of hosiery and a blazer for warmth. The dangly pearl earrings and multi-strand bracelet would have worked just as well this time around, but I felt like wearing a necklace instead. Yep, just to be difficult I thought I’d turn the bracelet that used to be a necklace, back into a necklace (confused!!??).  It was actually quite a simple operation. I removed the clasp, attached a Black Agate bead and another pearl to each side as connectors and finally strung on enough Black Sardonyx beads for it to go around my head without a clasp – and voila! It’s a necklace again!

Three stages in the life of a necklace…


On another, sad note, I didn’t make it to The Big Bead Show this weekend. It’s a long story but let’s just say it was a necessary sacrifice for the greater good of my household. I was very upset so it’s best I say no more about it. Unfortunately it means I don’t have the fab new beads I promised to show you, maybe I’ll order some online to make up for it…

Till next time


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