New Supplies

Yesterday another uninspiring Monday attempted to redeem itself with the arrival of some of the new beads I ordered as a treat to make up for missing the bead show. At the moment I’m really into mixing crystals with semi precious stones for that added bit of sparkle so I purchased some fabulous 12mm emerald green bicones and 10mm purple faceted rounds. They look great (sorry my poor quality pic doesn’t do them justice), I can’t wait to use them in something. In the interests of trying something new, I also bought some lava rock beads. I thought that their charcoal black, rocky appearance would work well for men’s jewellery. It’s brand new territory for me but I’m excited to try my first man necklace. I’ll let you know how it goes in a later post.


Moving on from something completely new to something still quite newish to me. I’m happy to say that I completed my second children’s necklace recently, a necklace for my boyfriend’s niece. She had asked for pink and turquoise so I mixed some natural turquoise with pink dyed quartz and finished with silver accents.  I think it’s cute and playful and that Peppa Pig (her favourite cartoon character) would approve 🙂


Until next time x


2 thoughts on “New Supplies

  1. How funny- I missed our local big bead show this year (my best girlfriend always visits me so we can go together, but she could not come this year and I didn’t wanna go alone) and I also went bead shopping later to make up for it. The necklace for your boyfriend’s niece is darling – and she’ll love that its “Pippa Pig-inspired.” Love it.

    1. Thanks so much!

      It’s such a shame about the bead show as I was planning on taking my mum and it would have been her first time at a show. There’ll be no stopping us next year!

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