Party Week!!

So it’s the biggest week  of the year, Christmas parties, lunches, dinners I’m exhausted! Tonight it’s my work Christmas party at a fabulous London nightclub/restaurant/hang out for the beautiful people – not quite sure who’s letting us in!! I’ll be ending the week with my birthday celebrations which doesn’t leave much time for rest before Christmas. I’ve been manically outfit planning, making the last pieces of jewellery and creating my birthday party playlist. I’ve never had to do my own proper playlist before and I can’t say I’m eager to do it again. It’s sooo time consuming, deciding exactly what song is going to be played in what order over 6 hours!! A new found respect for DJs I think.

Anyway, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at the necklace and earrings set I created to go with my birthday outfit. Apologies in advance for the poor pics, it was 1am and the bedroom lamp isn’t the ideal light source. They are both made of faceted hematite and gold crystal rondelles. The necklace is strung on invisible wire so the three short strands appear to magically hang just below the collarbone. I actually made three different earrings to match it but chose these as they were the simplest and I didn’t want to overdo it 🙂

photo (25)     photo (26)

I also created this pair for my mum to wear – made of shell pearl and crystal they have a very decorative look to them, perfect for Christmas.

photo (24)

Until next time.



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