Merry Christmas x

Just a quick post to say Merry Christmas to all. I’m enjoying a lovely day with family, the thunder & lightning has given way to crisp blue skies, the turkey is on the oven and I’m eating choccies (yes choccies before dinner) whilst watching Gordon Ramsey’s Christmas cooking extravaganza!

I don’t have any jewellery pics to share today but I really wanted to share some pics of my birthday cake from Saturday. My brother had it specially made in honour of my other passion, besides jewellery – handbags! A full sized Gucci monogram handbag CAKE!…….

Birthday Cake

The detail was amazing, from the handle, zip, down to the perfect monogram pattern, it was so realistic. I just wanted to pick it up and fill it with all my stuff. I left it on the table to be admired all night because I couldn’t bear to cut it. I eventually cut it at home the next day and now I have a mountain of cake to eat but I welcome the challenge 🙂


Hope everyone is having a lovely Christmas, until next time!



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