Catwalk Inspiration

I love fashion, but by no means am I a slave to the latest trends. My style has always been based on what I enjoy wearing and feel good in rather than what Vogue tells me to wear at any particular time and I have no problem wearing something  I love from “last season”, in fact I love making old pieces relevant again. However, it’s always nice when the things I love fall back into fashion for the masses. As I was doing some research for inspiration for my own summer collection, I noticed that a number of designers were using beads, pearls & semi-precious stones in their Spring/Summer 2013 collections. In particular I spied the following from Ralph Lauren, Chanel & Italian brand Etro…

RL Beaded necklace Channel pearls Etro Cuff

The Ralph Lauren pieces are probably my favourite (although that cuff bracelet is amazing) as they are the closest to what I like to create myself. Chunky, textured, colourful, fun pieces that can really transform a simple outfit. I’m really glad to see beaded jewellery featuring on the catwalk as it shows that  this type of jewellery can be high fashion and sophisticated. A string of beads is probably one of the most versatile pieces of jewellery you can own. It’ll work as a necklace or a bracelet, for daytime or night, they really will go with just about anything.

RL Beaded Jewellery RL Beaded Bracelet RL Beaded Jewellery Set

I’m definitely feeling inspired to start designing summer pieces, however I do still have a lot of work to finish for the Delicier Collection. Speaking of which, here is another sneaky peak at some work in progress (apologies for my poor photography)…..


The necklace is made from shell pearls and crystals with Ametrine rectangles as the focal point. I still need to attach the clasp and fix the alignment so that the rectangles sit the way I want them to, but I’m hoping it’ll turn out to be a great statement piece.

Until next time.



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