Jewellery Store Bargains

Sorry I’ve been abit silent in the last 2 weeks. I’ve been trying to get my head down and work on some designs, which is ticking along nicely. I’ll take some photos and share them with you at some point this week.

So one quiet lunchtime last week I found myself browsing in Accessorize (a national retail chain selling jewellery and accessories). I like to see what jewellery styles are popular and equally I like to know how much they cost. Those of you that sell your own jewellery will know how difficult pricing is. Most buyers don’t appreciate the time and effort that goes into handmade items so they expect your stuff to be miles cheaper than the stores. It’s been interesting for me to see store prices rising and I’m finding that I could probably re-create many of the items for less (some even with sterling silver or semi precious stones). It certainly makes me feel more confident about pricing my own items.

During a big sale period, Accessorize will often sell off broken items at reduced prices. It always makes me wonder what they do with the same items throughout the rest of the year? Do they just save them up for sale time, sell to staff members or throw away?? Anyway, having rummaged through the faulty item rails on a number of occasions all I usually find is a bunch of tat with no useful components like chains, clasps or pretty beads, which leads me to question exactly who’s broken jewellery they’re selling as it looks nothing like what’s in store?? This time however, I think I’ve come across a bit of a gem. Tucked away in the back of a display I found a faulty bracelet from their current range which features some interesting gold tone metal sticks. It normally sells for £12 (around $19), but I got it for the bargain price of  £2.50 (around $3.95), here’s a pic from their website…

Gold Stick Bracelet
The “fault” was that one of the 2 pieces of elastic that run through the top and the bottom of each metal stick had snapped. The other piece was perfectly in tact meaning that if I want to fix the bracelet I can easily replace the broken elastic and there would be no missing sticks. However, whilst I like the bracelet as it was, I’m thinking these sticks could work on a necklace or choker with some semi precious beads so it’s more than likely that it’ll look a lot different the next time you see it…

Gold Sticks


Until next time.



6 thoughts on “Jewellery Store Bargains

  1. Some good questions ? It is interesting to note that the broken things do not look l ike what they normally sell ? I love buying clearance sale pieces and taking them apart and have found some great items when I have been out looking !! I cannot wait to see what you have been up to and what you do with those gold sticks , so many options !!

    1. Thanks. I can only assume that they give their staff first refusal on the faulty items, I can’t think of any other explanation for it. I’m excited to use them in something as they’re so unlike any other beads that I have at the moment. Will let you know how I get on 🙂

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