I Love Jewellery But…..

I admit that I probably love jewellery more than most. I can appreciate the design, craftsmanship and uniqueness of even the most eccentric pieces but even I was more than a little grossed out yesterday when I read an article on designer Sruli Recht’s Forget Me Knot Ring. Looking like a prop from The Lord of The Rings, the 24k gold band is finished with a 4 inch piece of “leather” made using skin freshly cut from the designers own stomach – yes, you read that right, his stomach!! After being cut off, the hairy piece of flesh was then salted and tanned before being mounted onto the gold band. Anyone who embraces the more macabre style of accessory and has a spare $450k lying around can acquire the piece safe in the knowledge that it truly is one of a kind :-0

$470,000 Forget Me Knot by Sruli Recht

Skin Ring

For the non believers amongst us, who just can’t accept that anyone is crazy enough to make a ring out of their own skin, Recht has made us this nice little video so we can share in every slice of the scalpel… (maybe wait till after you’ve had your lunch/dinner)


It’s not a new jewellery making technique I’ll be trying anytime soon, although it does make me think about my obsession for leather handbags, after all they’re just skin too…

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