Uninspired Moments

I’ve haven’t posted anything in 20 days which I know is totally unacceptable but sometimes life  and the day job get in the way of jewellery making. Over the weekend I attempted to work on a necklace, the final one for the Delicier Collection, but unfortunately it didn’t go as planned. I had a design in mind, I’d even done a sketch but it just wouldn’t translate. I tried every which way possible but those beads and  that chain just weren’t gonna play ball. Frustrated, I ended up finally leaving it in a tangled mess on my bead board. Maybe if I stare at it long enough some creative inspiration will come and turn it into something fabulous.

Bead Board


In an attempt to get the creative juices flowing, I thought I’d take a look at the Oscars pics to check out this year’s fashion and jewels. However, besides the odd  pair of statement earrings on Jennifer Hudson and Catherine Zeta Jones, there was a distinct lack of exciting jewellery on the red carpet.  Whilst I liked the diamond necklace worn down the back, I felt that Jennifer Lawrence’s bridal-like creation was screaming out for a coloured gemstone statement necklace, Emerald or Sapphire would have been perfect…(it’s the Oscars – more is more!!)

Jennifer Lawrence  Jennifer Lawrence back

One statement necklace I did find was this stunning vintage style piece worn by Jennifer Garner…

Jennifer Garner


I think I’ll work on something else until I figure out a new necklace design, maybe some Oscars inspired statement earrings – if only I had the diamonds to work with.

Until next time



4 thoughts on “Uninspired Moments

  1. Oh yeah, I’ve been there plenty of times. Often I’ll find that even though I have an idea, picture and plan it makes itself into something quite different. And then there are the times when just nothing will work. Hope it works out soon 🙂

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