Colour Crush

One of my obsessions at the moment is desert colours, let me explain. Whilst I was browsing on Pinterest the other day I came across this fabulous picture of 2 guys and a camel in the Saharan desert. I love the terracotta coloured sand dunes against the pale blue sky….

Desert Walk


…as well wanting to run across the sand I also imagined those two guys with the camel wearing fabulously chunky, silver accented desert jewellery – and that’s where it started. I’ve been googling and trawling Pinterest ever since for fabulous desert pics to inspire new pieces. Here’s a few more of my favs…






..this weekend I’m planning on raiding my bead boxes to see what fab desert inspired jewellery I can create, very excited, hopefully I’ll have something interesting to share with you all.

Till next time



5 thoughts on “Colour Crush

  1. Love the photos you have found, the colours are lovely – the desert has a very special beauty all of its own. Looking forward to the results of your inspiration! Have fun!

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