Statement Earrings

The fashion world is telling us that statement earrings are a key jewellery trend for spring/summer 2013. Great news, but for jewellery fans like me, statement earrings will never be just a trend. Instead, they’re a go to wardrobe staple for every season. There’ll never be a time when a plain outfit can’t be transformed with a pair of fabulous earrings, whatever the season. I love  earrings and they’re probably my favourite piece of jewellery to make, so quick and easy. I can buy a new top, make matching earrings and wear them both that same night with no fuss – brilliant! Over the weekend I was thinking about what makes a pair of earrings “statement”? Is it that they’re oversized, brightly coloured, super sparkly? I decided that for me “statement” earrings have the power to stand alone. It doesn’t matter what they look like or whether they match, these earrings are unapologetic in their boldness and are made to be noticed. When you put on these earrings your outfit should feel complete.

Here are a few of my favourites from the online world…(from Tory Burch, Shay Accessories, J. Crew and ASOS)

elle-43-tory-burch-floral-teardrop-earrings-xln-lgnelle-aha-life-shay-crystal-fan-earrings-xln-lgnstatement earringsScreen-Shot-2012-11-23-at-16.19.241-223x300

For those times when statement earrings are just a bit too much (shocking I know, but yes, sometimes less is more) I’ve created some slightly more understated pairs. Still fabulous, but maybe not as shockingly obvious and in your face.

The pair on the left are made with Bloodstone squares with wood and gold coloured accent beads. The pair on the right are Turquoise dyed Magnesite with gold accents and what I like to call “beehive” beads (sorry the pics are abit poor, I think my iPhone may have given up!).

photo photo

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