Still Loving Wood Jewellery

Before I discovered gemstone jewellery I was in love with wood. Wood is so versatile; natural, carved , painted or polished. It can be chunky  and textured or light and delicate and wood never goes out of fashion. My favourite were the chunky wooden pieces with an ethnic, earthy feel…

300 wood-bracelets brown wooden bead necklaces


I still love wood and I realised that I rarely used it in my pieces anymore, so I decided to create a piece inspired by my love of wooden, ethnic styles. This necklace is made of two different types of wood beads, gold metal beads for some shine and black lava stone beads which give it some texture. Despite it’s chunky appearance it’s actually super light and easy to wear, I think it would look great with a summer maxi dress.

dstone wooden necklace


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11 thoughts on “Still Loving Wood Jewellery

  1. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and give the wood a try. My husband has been begging me to try new things, so I started using some stones this past week . I have had stone and wood in my boxes for years, but never really did much with them. I sat down with my wood beads this morning after reading your reply and came up with a set of wine charms. I made a point of not using any sparkly beads, which was a challenge as that is mostly what I am attracted to,and mostly what I own, so that opened my eyes to the fact I need to learn to work with more than just the sparkly things I am attracted to, and I really found it fun. I am heading over to my blog to post what I did today. Thanks for opening my eyes to new things, I am pretty excited to try differant metals, stones and wood beads in my upcoming jewelry and wine charm projects !! I also have a box of fimo clay and need to play with that for some interesting beads as well !!

    1. That’s brilliant, I can’t wait to see your post. I’m the same I always use stones, metal and crystals. I think a few pearls is the furthest I’ve branched out. I love that you challenged yourself to try something new and you actually enjoyed it. I have my local bead show coming up in about 2 weeks time so I think i’ll follow your good example and get some materials to try something new myself. I’ve never used clay or resin so I think I might give them a go!!

      1. I had actually mocked up three more sets, but my camera battery died and when I got out the spare from my purse, it was dead too, so by the time the camera was up and running again I got that one set photographed and the blog post done and then my hubby was home and I was done for the day. I will be getting them done and posted on another blog post today. I am so excited you did this post, it really got me out of my little box !! I am glad you are going to try some new stuff too !! It really is fun , and with a goal of a show in two weeks , it gives you some motivation as well !!

  2. I have some wood beads, but I never think to incorporate them. Thanks for showing me how you can use the wood in a fun way with the other types of beads. Good wooden pieces are beautiful, Unfortunately I all too often see pieces that are not that attractive, not like the pictures you showed , those are all so pretty and unusual !!

    1. Thanks so much. It’s true it can be really hard to incorporate wood beads, especially if you like to use crystals as they just don’t seem to work together. Perhaps you could try using your wood beads in one of your wine charm designs, I’d love to see how that turns out 🙂

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