Hairpins & Paperclips

I’ve been offline for a few days enjoying my extended Easter break from the day job. I have to confess that I’ve  eaten chocolate mini eggs for breakfast and spent some lazy mornings in bed watching the jewellery making channel (why is it that the more you watch those shopping channels the more convinced you become that the deals on offer are amazing!!). Luckily I managed to stop myself from buying 100m of organza ribbon!

So I went online to have a look at unusual jewellery designs & materials for new inspiration and I came across these hairpin necklaces. The one on the left is from a blog called Aesthetically Speaking and is so wonderfully simple with black and  gold pins arranged together. The one on the right is from a site called Ship & Shape and the silver pins are hand-painted with beautifully intricate designs.

Hairpin Necklace Ship & Shape Hairpin Necklace

I love both looks and I wanted to try to make some of my own but I didn’t have enough pins. Irritatingly hairpins are one of those things that constantly go missing, so I’ll have to give it a go after I’ve stocked up on them; luckily enough they’re super cheap. As a substitute, I decided to make use of a box of paperclips I had stashed away. Here’s what I came up with…

Paperclip & Jasper Necklace  photo (30)


On the left is a multi-strand necklace with a black lava stone round on one side and a large fossil jasper oval on the other side. I only had the plain silver grey clips so I painted the first strand with some dark grey nail polish. It looks ok in the picture but on close up inspection the paint job is pretty awful. Note for next time, get coloured clips or do a few coats of paint to build up good coverage. The picture on the right is a pair of earrings that I made with red coral cubes and as many paperclips as I could fit on a jump ring to give it that fanned out effect. I really like these, they are less obviously made of paperclips and look really cool on. I’d love to make these again with some coloured paperclips.

I’m off to enjoy the rest of the day before it’s back to work tomorrow, until next time.





3 thoughts on “Hairpins & Paperclips

  1. I love seeing jewelry made from unexpected things, you did a great job !! I love those hair pin necklaces too, that inspired you. Who would have thought they would look that great, makes you want to walk around the house and find new things to create with, a good challenge for myself for sure !!

    1. Thanks. Those hair pin necklaces are fabulous aren’t they, I definitely want to try one. I’m sure there’s loads of stuff around the house that’s ideal for jewellery making.

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