A Lesson Learned

Remember that really annoying but wise saying that your mum would tell you as a kid?… “Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today” As a kid you would think, but I’ve got weeks before I need to hand in that assignment or revise for that test, I can do it later! Well frequently, that later never comes and you end up in a last minute panic. This week I came to appreciate that advice a little bit more as I got myself into a last minute situation. When you’re trying to fit jewellery making into the rest of your life time is precious and if you happen to have a spare minute to get something done, you should do it, immediately! Last night I had dinner with a friend for her birthday. As some of you may know, I like to make the effort to specially make a new piece of jewellery to give to friends on their birthdays. A few weeks ago I thought about what she’d like and how I could use some nice chinese amazonite rectangles I have to make a bracelet, but for some unknown reason (maybe I wanted to watch a TV show or randomly surf the net, I can’t even remember) I decided to “do it later”. Of course “later” never came and what with the Easter weekend, hanging out with my nephews and going to the bead show I forgot altogether. When I got into work yesterday I realised firstly it was her birthday and I would be seeing her for dinner that night and secondly I hadn’t made her gift or even bought a card. I wanted to kick myself, hard!! Annoyed that I’d not even managing to remember before I left for work that morning (I could have taken a pair of earrings from my collection), I reluctantly I took myself to the one local place I knew I could get a last minute gift – Accessorize! Whilst I’m not adverse to going there check out the latest jewellery trends or buy bargain items that I can transform into new and wonderful pieces, it literally pained me to buy a necklace and earring set that they then wrapped in tissue paper ( the same kind I use to gift wrap at home!) before taking from my unyielding hands the money that I could have used to buy more beads for my stash!! In an attempt not to appear too bitter, it was entirely my own fault after all, I smiled, thanked the assistant and made a swift exit. So my lesson has been officially learnt, when I have the time I will not put off a task until “later” as no good will come of it. In fact I’m free tonight and it’s never to early to get started on stuff for Christmas!!! 🙂

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Until next time.



2 thoughts on “A Lesson Learned

  1. Wow, I can relate to this on so many levels !! I have done the same thing, had intentions of making a gift and then when it was too late, realized I had not done it and been upset !!
    Great advice !! We can all use this reminder !! I have a couple of t hings I was putting off too, finally got one done, but have another to work on and will get it out straight away and get it done !! Thanks !!

    1. Thanks, it’s so frustrating isn’t it. I am guilty of putting things off all the time and usually it’s for no good reason so hopefully this experience has given me a much needed kick up the butt!

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