Unusual Fab Jewellery!

Ever since I discovered the awesome hairpin necklaces I’ve been trawling the Internet for other unusual items that can be made into Jewellery. It’s opened up a whole new world for me: food, cutlery, bottle tops, cans, there are heaps of materials waiting to be discovered right under my nose. I thought I’d share some with you…

Cutlery – This cute fork necklace by Hachistones is so quirky and original. I love the use of the fork as a focal point on an otherwise simple and delicate piece. http://en.dawanda.com/shop/HACHISTONES

fork necklace

Bottle Caps – I’d never given a bottle cap a second thought until I saw this multi-layered gold bottle cap necklace from Yoav Kotik. Such a fabulous blend of art and high fashion, it makes me want to drink beer and start collecting caps!  http://www.kotik-design.com/

Beer cap necklace Beer cap bracelets


Ring Pulls –  I was so amazed when I came across this ring pull necklace by Da Lata that I had to know more about how it was made. Da Lata means “from the tin” in Portuguese and the company takes the ring pulls from thousands of discarded cans found on Brazil’s beaches and crochets them into fabulous jewellery, handbags, belts and other items. The best thing about this process is that the cans are collected by disadvantaged members of the local community who are then paid a living wage, so not only does the  jewellery look good but it does good too! http://www.da-lata.com/

ring pull necklace Ring Pull Large Tote Bag


Until next time!



4 thoughts on “Unusual Fab Jewellery!

    1. It’s so creative, I would never have thought to use cutlery or old bottle caps in my jewellery but absolutely love both pieces. ‘ll have to think about doing more upcycling myself!

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