Disappearing Posts????

On Monday I published a post about fitting in some more clay practice. For some reason all trace of it has now vanished! It’s all very odd and I can’t really work out how or why. I know I definitely published it because it’s on my Twitter feed and my email followers received notifications, but for some reason it doen’t exist on WordPress anymore! Anyone else had this problem?

I thought about re-writing the post but it was kind of written in the moment and wouldn’t be the same today, so decided I’d just re-post the pics instead.

These first two pics are my latest attempts at using polymer clay. I need a lot more practice but I’m enjoying playing around with this new technique. On the advice of a fellow blogger who makes great polymer clay beads I’ll be buying a clay extruder to help make shaping the clay much easier.

photo Polymer Clay


This third pic is my latest necklace. It’s made of Amazonite and turquoise coloured wood beads strung on black leather. I’m trying to use up a load of beads in my stash to justify some upcoming purchases and these long boho style necklaces are the perfect way to do so.

Amazonite Necklace

Well, that’s my quick post for today, hopefully it’s still here tomorrow!

Until next time.



10 thoughts on “Disappearing Posts????

  1. I had this same problem last month & as Laurashoup said, I was also using a mix of the mobile app and the desktop version. It was one of those posts written in the moment & I was so infuriated when I woke up the next morning to double check if the post was posted during the scheduled time. To my dismay, the post was no where to be found! So I ended up rewriting the post, it wasn’t as fun as the original post 😦 so I feel your frustration. Sorry about your lost posts

    1. Thanks, I’m sorry about yours too. It’s really frustrating and the re-written post is never quite as good. I have now stopped using the app for writing posts altogether and so far so good, no more disappearing posts! 🙂

      1. Yea, it is never as good 😦
        I still use the mobile app because sometimes I have pictures on my phone & not on my computer. What I do now is to always be certain the post is set to draft on the computer before I move to the mobile app & vice versa. So far it has worked & hopefully no more issues from henceforth.

  2. I have also had some posts disappear. I am wondering if it because I have been using my WP app and WP on the net. I have now only been posting in the app. It seems to have been the solution. The polymer clay is so fun, and you never know exactly how it will turn out, which I personally find very rewarding.

    1. You might be on to something because I also use the WP app on my phone, usually to start a post then I’ll save it and come back to it later on my laptop. I’ll try sticking to just one and see how that goes.
      Polymer clay is just like being a kid again, so much fun. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations.

  3. Thought I better reply before this disappears into the blackhole of the Interwebs! I haven’t had any issues with disappearing posts, thank goodness, I can only imagine how frustrating that must be. Love the boho necklace – just my colours 🙂

    1. Thanks so much. It was really frustrating, I’m crossing my fingers it doesn’t happen again and no computer tech wizardry is needed, I’m not the most tech savvy person!

  4. That’s weird, because I remember reading this one, and seeing that lovely necklace. I had one of those the other day. I was sure I had pressed publish, but I did not, and i had to try and re write an awesome post. I hope you find yours somewhere. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much. I had a quick look online and other people seem to have had this problem too, may have something to do with my version of WP?? Still very odd and I’m nowhere near technical enough to work it out. Hopefully it was a one-off occurrence.

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