Why I Now Love Pinterest

When I’m not on WP, I can usually be found on Pinterest. I have to admit I’m getting slightly obsessed with pinning pictures and looking at other people’s pins. I actually discovered the site through another blogger (sadly I can’t remember who that was). I was browsing their blog and saw the “Follow Me on Pinterest” button. I had no idea what Pinterest was, so like I always do when I need answers, I Googled it! At first I couldn’t see the point of it, just a bunch or random pictures, why would I want to sign up this. I did anyway and I set up three boards dedicated to jewellery, gemstones and travel. I found it quite a chore to pin at first, but 9 boards later and a bunch of like-minded followers, I’m loving it – and here’s why:

1. It’s so simple – Browse the net, see something you like, pin it to your online pin board and that’s it!

2. It’s full of inspiration – Every day I get tons of new pics to inspire me to create more jewellery.

3. You can share the things you love – It’s great to be able to share the things you love with others; food, fashion, jewellery, travel.  Whatever you have a passion for there’ll be someone else on Pinterest who shares that same passion.

So clearly I’m now obsessed and I should probably end this post before I’m accused of being a Pinterest employee but before I go I thought I’d leave you with this pic from my “Creative Inspiration” board. It was called Day Moon. The colours are beautiful and so me, I love the way they represent the elements. I feel inspired to make another boho style necklace.

Day Moon


Until next time!



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