Photo Shoot Fun

Finally the day came for the Delicier Collection photo shoot. I’ve been working on jewellery for this range  on and off for months and there have been ups and downs, excitement and frustration. It was amazing for it to finally come together. I was a little nervous about my pieces at first, I thought they would compliment the dresses, but would the designer agree??? Thankfully she did and the shoot was a huge success 🙂

One thing I learnt is that I need to find a better way to store my finished pieces. As I unpacked I found that one of the necklaces had broken (arrrgghh!!!!), luckily I had brought along my trusty tools and a few extra findings so I was able to do a quick repair job. Now to find some proper portable storage.

Of course I have to share with you some behind the scenes pics….

Photo Shoot 1 Photo 2

…, make-up and fixing…….

Photo Shoot 3  Photo Shoot 4

…..getting ready to strike a pose…..

Photo Shoot 5 Photo Shoot 6

…..smiles and jokes ahead of the serious stuff……..

Photo Shoot 7  Photo Shoot 8

……no fancy dress needed, just one awesome necklace!!

Photo Shoot 9

Until next time.



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