Catching Up

It feels like forever since I posted anything on my blog (in reality I think it’s only been about 2 weeks!) and I’ve been missing the blogging world. This morning I spent some time catching up on all the blogs I follow and seeing what everyone’s been up to. I’ve been trying to focus on a few other (and very necessary) things recently, like stocking my Etsy store. It’s hard work, as many of you already know and I only have a handful of items up. As well as that, I’ve been trying to get my butt in gear and start wedding planning. For those of you who don’t already know, I’m getting married in 2014. Although with no date or venue chosen yet, it may just be wishful thinking! To fill you in, my fiance proposed in January and since then we’ve just been enjoying our engagement. I’m by no stretch a bridezilla; I never planned my dream wedding as a child, never had a future wedding scrapbook, I hate frills and fuss and mostly, I hate the formality and rigidity that comes with some weddings. We want our day to be relaxed, intimate, unpretentious and most of all enjoyable for us and our guests. If we can get that with the least amount of stress possible, then we’ll be very happy. Earlier this week I stupidly (and I say stupid but it was a perfectly normal thing to do as a bride to be) decided to check out some wedding sites. For those of you who have never planned a wedding, there is a whole big and crazyย world of weddings out there and it’s an overwhelming and scary place. According to the rules, at this point (roughly 12 months from when we want to tie the knot) we should have done of be doing the following:

Announced our engagement

Chosen the wedding style & formality

Set a tentative date

Worked out a budget

Started shopping for wedding rings

Prepared a provisional guest list

Selected bridal party and told them what important events they need to attend

Find & book a ceremony site

Choose an officiant

Find & book a reception site

Choose a caterer

Decide on venue for rehearsal dinner

Start shopping for a dress

Start looking for photograpers/videographers

Start searching for transportation, flowers, rentals & stationary

Speak to a travel agent about the honeymoon

๐Ÿ˜ฎ This is one hell of a list and aside from announcing my engagement (which I apparently didn’t even do correctly as there is a certain order in which people should traditionally be told!!), I can probably say I’ve done just about 2 things on the list. We have a tentative (and still changing) guestlist and we’ve picked a provisional date (if sometime in June/July counts). Needless to say, I probably won’t be re-visiting any of those wedding sites anytime soon. I feel like I’m failing before I’ve even started!

There is one thing that I am definitely thinking about though (and very excited about) – wedding jewellery! Being a non-traditional bead lover, I’m thinking chunky necklace with faceted beads and a pop of colour. But sensibly, I should probably get a dress first and work from there (much easier to match jewellery to dress than vice versa). Whatever it turns out to be, I’ll be sure to keep you posted. For now, I thought I’d leave you with some fab pieces I found on the web.

Turquoise Wedding Setย Chunky Green Statement Necklaceย Purple Statement Necklaceย statement-bridal-necklace-4

The second and third pieces are from Etsy shops FiveLittleGems and JewelryByJessicaT. There are a ton of other fab Etsy shops with wedding jewellery, so definitely worth a look even if you’re just a guest.

Till next time!


11 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. I say use the above list as a guide. There are loads of things you need to remember to do even for the most casual wedding. The basics are pretty well the same. I love all the jewellery you picked out, and who said you can’t choose the jewellery first. ๐Ÿ™‚

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