Sale Time Goodies

I’m excited today as once again I’ve come across some fab finds in the Accessorize sale. I have to say that the top buys were once again in the “faulty” section. Now I know that some people can’t get comfortable with shopping in the faulty section, but trust me it’s a jewellery maker/upcycler’s dream. If you’re willing to have a good old rummage (and I mean seriously, because the good stuff does not just jump out at you) and do a bit of repair work then there’s definitely treasures to be found. My top tip here is to make sure you take the piece out of the bag and have a good look at the components you have and the work you’ll need to do, then you can decide whether or not it’s worth the purchase. There’s no point getting a huge discount if you to have to spend a small fortune on repairs, but if you just need a bit of thread from your stash then you’re in business!

Check out these I these hidden gems I found…..

Bobble Round Necklace (original price £10, faulty price £1)

silver crochet necklace

The crochet thread has broken and I’ve lost the jump ring that the lobster clasp attached to. Luckily, I still have the spacer beads and end cap so a repair would be super easy, but I think I might like to do something a little different and add some colour to it, hmmmm

Bobble Stretch Bracelet (original price £8, faulty price £1 )

gold stretchy crochet necklace

Like it’s necklace friend this piece also suffered from a threading accident. The bracelet was crocheted using elasticated thread so it can easily stretch over your hand, but I guess someones hand was just too big! It doesn’t look like any beads are missing so I could sew back together or add some end caps and a clasp – job done!

Plaited Chain & Fabric Collar (original price £12, faulty price £2)

black and gold plaited necklace


Now I’ve looked over this piece again and again and I honestly can’t find a single fault. When I had a quick look in the store, I thought the clasp was missing but it’s still attached, so are the end caps and the plaited chain and fabric is perfectly in place. I think this may have been in a faulty bag by mistake!!! What am i supposed to do with a perfectly good necklace?? 🙂

Metal Flower Stretch Bracelet (orig price £10, current sale price £3, faulty price £1)

stretchy metal flower bracelet


Another stretch bracelet with broken elastic and super easy to replace. I think this one would be the biggest challenge to turn into something new as these beads lend themselves so well to this stretchy bracelet design. I’ll have to get thinking on this.

Total value of all pieces: £40

Total spent £5

Total saved: £35!! 🙂

Like I said, I love the sales!!

Until next time!


9 thoughts on “Sale Time Goodies

  1. Accessorize and Sales – two of my favourite things! I must check and see if our stores have a “faulty”section when they have sales, I don’t remember seeing it before, but I will definitely keep my eye out now – what a bargain, and a perfectly good necklace in the mix as well 🙂

    1. I know I can’t believe my luck. The faulty section is usually hidden at the back somewhere and I’ve found that not all stores have one so it is a bit of pot luck. Definitely worth keeping an eye out for though! 🙂

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