Jewellery in the Office

We all know that there’s such a thing as suitable work clothing, but is it the same for accessories? I’m about to start work at a new, more conservative office and my work-wear is changing, but does that mean my jewellery should too? I’ve always viewed jewellery as an expression of my personality and if i’m stuck in conservative blacks, greys and navy blues, It’s going to be more important than ever that I’m able to inject some of my personality through my jewellery. I’ve read online that office jewellery should be all simple studs, classic pearls and muted shades. Apparently, bright colours & statement pieces are distracting and unprofessional. I don’t agree. I’m a firm believer in the phrase “It’s not what you wear, but how you wear it” and if anyone’s distracted by my drop earrings, beaded bracelet or statement necklace then they really need to work on their focus!

So here are my top tips for adding some fabulousness to conservative work wear:

  • Use your jewellery to inject colour: So you’ve spent yet another day in a black suit and white shirt, why not add a red coral necklace? Think pearls only come in classic cream? Think again. Experimenting with different colours may seem a bit daunting at first but if you keep to a simple single stranded design you won’t feel like you’re going too far out of your comfort zone.

Red Coral beaded necklaceMulticoloured pearl beads

  • Make a switch: If the only thing you ever wear on your wrist at work is to a boring watch, how about ditching it for the day? I haven’t worn a watch in years and I always know what time it is. Instead, try a gold metal or beaded cuff. They’re a great way to add an edge to your work-wear and unlike bangles they won’t sound like a cow bell every time you move your arm. Pair with a sleeveless blouse for maximum exposure.
  • Less is more: This golden rule for jewellery-wearing applies ten fold in the office. Only wear one statement piece at a time and for a uber professional power look, keep to clean sharp edges. Geometric shapes say you mean business, too much fuss and it’s just a mess!

Mr T

  • Wanna wear earrings? – Do it! I remember at school we were always told not to wear dangly earrings as they were a health & safety hazard. We’ll we’re all grown up now so it’s perfectly safe to ditch the studs. I’d recommend you steer clear of hoops and full on shoulder length chandelier types at work, but some sophisticated long drops can look fabulous. A couple of semi precious beads linked together or wire wrapped briolettess can make great office friendly earrings and depending on the stones you choose, they can tick the colour box too!

semi-precious drop earrings

Until next time!



8 thoughts on “Jewellery in the Office

  1. Yes! I became the first female manager of an all-male office about a year ago. I toned down the jewelry and they noticed. If you look at pictures of powerful business women, they don’t wear a lot of gaudy jewelry or a lot of makeup. Sheryl Sandberg with Facebook is a great example.

  2. I also couldn’t agree more – one piece of fabulous statement jewellery, especially if it is made with beautiful semi-precious stones, looks classy and professional, and can also help you stand out in the crowd, but in a good way! I work in a corporate environment and a statement necklace is the finishing touch to all my work outfits.

  3. Totally agree with all your points! Especially the “less is more” point. I used to work in very conservative office spaces and sometimes I would want to wear something a bit bolder – by that meaning add an exciting piece of jewelry! I think one statement piece can really add some professionalism overall to your look. Plus I do like color, and if most of the time you are wearing black, whites and greys a beautiful piece of colored jewelry would definitly spice things up! Nice post, thank you for sharing…. I think I will reblog this if thats OK with you?

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