Preparing for Christmas

For the last few weeks, despite a hectic work schedule, I’ve been trying to get my head down and finish new pieces for my Etsy shop in preparation for Christmas. It’s been difficult at times as I’ve struggled with designs that just didn’t want to play ball.  A few weeks ago it took me an unbelievable number of hours to make one multi-stranded bracelet. I just couldn’t get anything to work, I dropped the wire more than once sending beads scattering everywhere, broke crimp after crimp and just couldn’t make my mind up on the colours. I’m still not entirely happy with the result but I just can’t bring myself to take it apart, as that would mean those hours of my time were completely wasted! I’m sure there are many beaders out there who know just how that feels. Here’s a pic of how it looks now…(bit of an odd far away pic, sorry about that!).


Last weekend I went, in the rain, to The Big Bead Show in Surrey.  I was really looking forward to going as I had such a great time at the last show in April and I knew exactly what exhibitors I wanted visit. Sadly the day didn’t quite go to plan and my experience was disappointing to say the least. The main exhibitor I wanted to see wasn’t there, I couldn’t get a look in at any of the tutorials and women (and one man in particular) were pushing and shoving from all angles. Whilst I like to think that I’m a patient person, there was only so much of this I could take. So I grabbed the few bits I could and headed for the door

I mainly bought findings, which aren’t that interesting to post, but here are some of the more exciting bits I picked up…..

The bronze and purple beads are actually coloured Hematite and this picture doesn’t do them justice. They are wonderfully weighty and perfectly smooth and shiny. They’ll look great with a Christmas party outfit.

IMG_3500 IMG_3501 IMG_3502

Right, back to the bead board I go!

Until next time!


5 thoughts on “Preparing for Christmas

  1. I have also never seen coloured hematite, very interesting! Also like the look of those black hammerhead beads in the second photo. I am sure you are going to have fun putting these all together in some nice pieces for the festive season.

    1. I love the coloured hematite it’s so pretty. It would work really nicely in a simple bracelet. Those black beads in the second pic are acrylic and they slot together nicely so they’ll be lots of fun to play with. I’ll probably want to keep everything for myself though!

  2. I am so sorry that the bead shopping did not live up to your expectations, that is really a shame . I have been lucky that even though the ones I have been to are crowded, the rooms are big enough to handle it pretty well although getting inbetween the tables is sometimes tricky but the customers have been pretty good natured about it. We have another one coming up, but not sure I am going. It is in Fort Worth Texas and that is about a 45 to 60 minute drive each way and I cannot justify spending any more on beads after the last one, lol !!
    You did get some nice things though !! I have never heard of a colored hemetite, that sounds really wonderful !! Enjoy your finds and thanks for sharing , I always love seeing more beads !!!

    1. I was really disappointed at the show considering how much fun it’s been previously. The atmosphere was a little different this time around maybe cause it was a cold and wet day, who knows! I was happy to get the bits that I did. Beading is definitely not cheap the amount of money you can spend at a show without realising is shocking. If you do go to show have a great time and maybe only take a small amount of cash so you can’t be tempted to overbuy. I think I’ll be doing that next time!

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