A New Focus

For my first post of 2014 I thought I’d start by saying that I’m going to be making a lot less jewellery this year! I didn’t want to have to admit it, however, I need to be realistic and honest with myself. The last few months of 2013 were incredibly busy for me, I barely had time to do any of the things I love like writing this blog & making jewellery and I know that 2014 is going to be more of the same. So I’m going to say now that you’ll probably see a lot less new pieces from me over the next 12 months. However, I won’t be giving up on handmade items altogether. In the place of jewellery, I’ll be attempting a number of other craft projects as I take on the not so small task of a D.I.Y wedding!! Yes folks, after finally setting the date, booking a venue and doing some serious research (not to mention seeing my lovely fiancé baulk at the cost of every little detail), I decided to go the D.I.Y route. Hopefully with a little help from family & friends, we can pull it off. My D.I.Y endeavours will include decorations, flowers, invitations, place cards, programmes, favours, jewellery and anything else along the way that I think I could have a go at. Hopefully something works out!! As I delve into the unknown world of paper crafts, flower arranging, printing and stencilling, I’ll be sure to share my journey here on the blog and perhaps some of you amazingly talented crafters can give me some tips (lots of tips!).

As I haven’t got anything to show you just yet I thought I’d share this pic instead that may be useful to remember over the coming months! If it all gets too much, I’ll just eat cake! 🙂

woman holding cakes

Until next time!



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