Getting Started

Since deciding to go the D.I.Y wedding route, I’ve been spending countless hours on the internet, looking for a place to start my D.I.Y journey. I wanted to kick off with something relatively small and easy so that it couldn’t go horribly wrong. I figured that way I can build my confidence and work my way up to the big things. I opted for decorations as a starting point and found a great online tutorial for tissue paper pom poms. I liked the look of them and thought they could make a nice simple decoration for our outdoor ceremony, perhaps hung on the chairs lining the aisle or from trees. The best thing was I had all the necessary supplies to hand, so no need for a trip to the craft store. For fun I thought I’d mix some of the colours I had so my pom pom was orange pink and purple. I did cut some corners, I didn’t take the care I should have done when doing my accordion folds, I didn’t cut the edges to shape properly and I didn’t use wire for the middle. However, despite this I still liked the result. Some tips for making them again; remember to use a ruler when folding the paper so you get a nice defined crease and when puffing it out be gentle with the layers of tissue paper as they can tear easily.

Tissue Paper Pom Pom Tissue Pom Pom D.I.Y Pom Pom

I also really liked the results of these other techniques which use dyed coffee filters glued to a paper lantern base and scraps of fabric pinned to a styrofoam ball. I think the finished products look so professional, although it’s clearly a more time-consuming and costly project given the materials needed. I’d still like to give it a try so perhaps I’ll visit the craft store over the weekend and let you know how I get on.

Until next time!




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