Forgotten Treasures

Whilst having a bit of a spring clean last weekend, I came across a box of  bead goodies that I had completely forgotten I own. It’s sad but true that there comes a point in every bead obsessive’s journey when your bead stash grows at such an alarming rate that you can no longer keep track of all the amazing beads you own. Going through my boxes was almost like being at the bead shop, I really had no idea what I was going to find as I had completely forgotten about all of the amazing treasures I’ve picked up since I started beading.

The first was these gorgeous Agate stones that are polished on one side and rough on the other. I’ve been wanting to put them into a necklace for ages but the weight of them makes it difficult. I had previously used one stone as a pendant but this time I decided to use three of them with this fabulous gold snake chain that I picked up alongside the Agate stones in New York. Annoyingly, the piece is going to need some more work as the weight of the stones needs a much lower gauge of wire than the one I had. It’s kind of wearable but not as stable as I need it to be. I’ll keep working on it.

IMG_4701 IMG_4702

I also found these antique gold coloured crystal cross links which I picked up as faulty in Accessorize. I had been meaning to use them in a statement necklace with some brightly coloured beads and was really excited to make it. However, after spending ages making the components I realised that the leather cord I wanted to string it on would not fit through the holes in the links!!! arrrghhhh!!! Throughly fed up, I left it all in a pile on the floor and went to bed!!


Until next time!



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