Choosing Wedding Colours

Whilst wedding planning I’ve found that people constantly ask “what’s your theme?”, but personally I’m not a fan of having a theme at a wedding.  I can appreciate those that do want to incorporate their personalities through a strong theme, but wedding planning is stressful enough without the added pressure of having to turn your venue into a winter wonderland or tropical beach paradise. However, signature wedding colours are perfect. Simple touches in your favourite hues to bring a splash of personality to a venue that may otherwise be abit cookie cutter. And the fabulous thing about colours is that there are so many different shades, your wedding need never look like anyone else’s…except…well…unless you’re on a budget! Because let’s be honest , adding “wedding” to anything increases the price and I’m increasingly finding that if you want to be original or specific with anything wedding related you have to be be prepared to pay or to D.I.Y. For example, I’m a huge fan of the colour orange and I wanted it for my bridesmaids, however finding appropriate dresses (ones that didn’t look like they belonged in a strip club) on the high street was near impossible. Instead I could have the ‘popular” shades of blue, pink, lemon and even grey! Of course I could just go to a bridal shop which would happily help me out with a perfectly peach dress for the princely sum of £180+ per dress (ouch!! did I mention I’m on a budget). I also decided against going to an online Chinese factory/sweatshop for obvious reasons, so I had to make a change. After a period of indecision, I got there and I thought I’d share…

Coral, Gold & Aqua   

Coral Pantone Gold Pantone Aqua

Coral is going to be be the key colour; Bridesmaids dresses, flowers, my shoes. I love it because it’s bold but in a soft way and will look amazing in the California sun. It also goes great with Gold which will be the secondary colour; bridesmaid’s shoes, accessories and vases for centrepieces. Finally Aqua will add the accents, particularly on ribbons and decorations.

Coast shoes Coral dresscoral flowers

Next time I promise to post my DIY gold centrepiece vases, until then!



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