All DIY’d Out!

Earlier this year I announced that I was going the DIY route for my wedding and I can’t believe it happened. Some bits turned out great, others not so great but overall it was good fun and and something that both me and my Mum (who was my super helper) really enjoyed getting stuck into. I ended up being so caught up in the planning process that I didn’t get the opportunity to post pics as I went along, so I thought I’d post a few now instead. I do want to say that I’m really glad we had DIY aspects. Firstly because it added a really nice, personal touch to the day and secondly because it saved us a ton of money on things that just end up in the trash. It’s sad but true, the escort cards that we went to great lengths to find the crochet lace ribbon for were found crumpled on the ground at the end of the night. Bouquets, expertly made by my wonderful bridesmaid were abandoned and favour bags were left behind. But none of it mattered because we had a great time, with friends and family in the most beautiful surroundings and the day was about more than matching ribbons and table runners.

So here it is, my gallery of  some of our DIY wedding projects. The biggest tip I can give any potential wedding DIY’er is “It’s never too early to get started”. We started well in advance and had all of our wedding DIY goodies packed and ready to go nice and early which was a huge help. There are so many other last minute issues to deal with, don’t let your DIY projects be one of them.

Until next time!



5 thoughts on “All DIY’d Out!

  1. Everything looks great! A DIY wedding is really hard so kudos to you for getting through it. It looks like it was well worth the effort. Congrats, by the way.

    1. Thank you so much! It was definitely hard work but it made the day feel so personal to us so was completely worth the effort and it was so nice to get compliments from guests on things we had made ourselves 🙂

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