Mismatched Earrings

A big jewellery trend for 2015 is mismatched earrings. Whilst I loved the single earring trend, I’m finding it harder to appreciate the mismatched trend. I can just about get my head around mismatched studs, however the larger the earrings the less comfortable I am with the look. I think it may have something to do with my obsessive compulsive need to have everything match. I’d never be able to blindly pick out my earrings and go. No, my  mismatched earrings would need to at least compliment each other in some way – colour, size, shape, style. Surely anything else is utter madness! And judging by the looks on the faces of these Nina Ricci models, they think so too! 🙂


On the plus side there is some practical benefit to this trend. If like me you have a stash of single earrings because you’ve lost the matching pair (I now use them for parts in my jewellery-making) then you can give those sad singles a whole new lease of life.

Until next time!




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