Chain Fun

So I’ve been looking at different ways in which I can use some of the chain I have in my stash. This is part of a wider deal I made with myself to use up some of the beads I already have before I buy anything new – I’m not sure how long that’ll last. Anyway, I made these two necklaces out of lengths of chain that I picked up ages ago in a New York bead store. The first chain has a copper tint and I paired it with copper coloured cage beads I found in Barcelona, large gloss white wood beads and tiny brown jasper beads. I strung them on copper wire so that they would keep their shape better.


The second chain has rope effect and happened to perfectly match these rings that I also picked up in New York but had no idea how I would use them. Whilst I like the final look it needs more work as the link holding the two rings isn’t secure enough for the piece to be worn for any length of time and annoyingly the rings don’t stay in place. I’ll need to do a bit more work on this one, sometimes even the simple ideas are much harder to execute than you expect.


Until next time!


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