Just Can’t Let Go….

I’ve come over all sentimental and can’t seem to let go of this super cheap (we’re talking Primark here) rope necklace I bought last year. It’s seen better days, the thread is bobbly, the gold rings and findings are tarnished yet still I continue to wear it. But there’s a reason for this insanity! This necklace has seen me through some good times after I purchased it to take on my Las Vegas hen weekend. I was looking for a chunky necklace that looked like it could be handmade (because I didn’t have the time to make one myself what with all the last minute wedding stuff) and was cheap enough that I wouldn’t be concerned if it was ruined or lost. This £3 beauty ticked all the boxes. I wore it to pool parties, dinners, sightseeing and nights out. And now, whilst I know I should lay it to rest (no-one likes to wear tired, tatty old jewellery) I just can’t let it go.


I know I’m not alone in this, what old piece of jewellery can you not seem to let go of?

Until next time!



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