Making it Count!

On the last day of our Croatia trip we were in full on holiday mode. We woke up late (too late for breakfast), showered and dressed at a leisurely pace and generally expected to spend the day lounging on a local beach. In the car on route to said beach it hit us. The next day we would back to our 9-5 lives in less sunny, more expensive London. We didn’t want this day to be just a countdown till check in for our flight home, we wanted to make it count!!

A quick Google search and we came across KrKa National Park. An hours drive but the promise of dramatic waterfalls and lush vegetation was enough to draw us in. We arrived at the park around 3pm and hopped on the bus that took us down the winding mountain road to the falls. We knew then that this was a great decision, the views were spectacular and the sun just seemed to make everything sparkle. At the bottom we were greeted by wooden walkways over which we explored the falls. We were even able to take a dip in the ice cold water. 3 hours later we left the park with memories of our amazing, unplanned day that almost never was.

The moral of the story – you only get out of life what you’re willing to put in, so make the effort to make each day count!

Until next time!



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