Finding Treasures in Salt

I have been meaning to post this soon after I returned home from Croatia but time ran away with me so it’s a little late. I wanted to share with you some pics of a wonderful jewellery store called Salt which I discovered in Split Old Town. Jewellery lovers in Split are spoilt for choice, store windows are dripping in strands of red coral beads and silver filigree and the sprawling underground market at Diocletian’s Palace houses an abundance of little treasures. Salt however, caught my eye with some chunky, raw gemstones on display in the window and so I just couldn’t resist wandering in for a closer look. The store is beautifully presented with handmade jewellery on display everywhere you look. The lovely assistant told us that the designer, Lara Schweighofer, travels the world collecting beads and creating pieces inspired by the history, culture and people of the places she visits. Her work is simply stunning.

I spent considerable time in the store listening to the stories behind the pieces and was lucky enough to be able to try on a few. It was wonderful chatting to someone who loves jewellery and gemstones as much as I do. If you ever happen to be in Split, be sure to pay them a visit.

Check out this gallery of pics from the store….

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Until Next Time!



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