Say It Ain’t So…

There are many frustrations in jewellery-making; losing beads, bead-spill, running out of thread/wire/beads/findings (delete as appropriate) mid project and not being able to order the exact same item anymore and one of my personal frustrating favourites, what I like to call “bead-drop”. I suffered a bead -drop over the weekend whilst attempting to make a new necklace. I was using three different kinds of beads, black coral, gold spikes and gold spacer beads in a repeating pattern. It was strung, secured, just to add the clasp and then I noticed this……



Some people may be oblivious to the absolute horror displayed in these pics but for a midly OCD type like me it’s the worst thing ever!!!! I had missed a gold bead in the pattern!! Arrggghhh!! 😮 I can’t look 🙈 but I do and then I notice another gold bead missing on the opposite side of the piece, near symmetrical 😭 (hey at least I’m consistent). It could almost be part of the design, who would know? I would know and that’s all that matters. It would keep me awake at night and I’d never be able to sell or even wear the necklace as it would be all wrong. The offending piece has since been cast aside on my bead board awaiting disassembly and restringing at some point when I can bear to look at it again.



What are your creative frustrations? Share them in the comments.

Until next time!


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