A Small Challenge

Happy 2016 everyone! I hope the year thus far has been a good one. I’m kicking things off with a move, which was unexpected and unplanned, but we’re trying to look at it positively and maybe this new start will bring us some great new experiences for 2016.

Once the move is out of the way I’ll get back to creating, but for now the beads are being packed away. However, in order to satisfy my need to make/do something jewellery related, I made a brief pit stop in Accessorize today and picked up a brilliant bargain bin challenge. In this bag of what looks like a big tangled metal mess lies 4 necklaces. All in tact (I hope) and only 40 pence for the lot! I decided I would take up the challenge to free these poor unworn necklaces. It’s not going to be quick, it’s not going to be easy and frustration is inevitable, but armed with my trusty jewellery tweezers I think I’m up for the job. The lady at the till gave me abit of a puzzled look when she eyed my purchase and reminded me that this bag of goodies is not returnable. Oh ye of little faith. You just wait lady, I’ll be wearing/gifting 4 new necklaces in no time 😉

image image


Stay tuned for the update.

Until next time


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