Travel Challenge

Its been 7 long months since my last trip so I was super excited yesterday when we boarded our 13 hour flight to Singapore. My husband was coming for work so I decided to tag along and while he’s slaving away in the office, I’ll be soaking up the culture, shopping and generally having some major downtime. Since I’ll be spending most of my days travelling around the city alone, I decided to challenge myself to write a post each day in order to share some of the fun with you.

So this is day one. Over 6700 miles on a superjumbo jet from London and we’re in the city known as The Little Red Dot. It’s hot and humid and we’ve already witnessed our first lightning storm (a regular and sometimes dramatic occurrence here) and tried the popular  local dish of chicken rice (yes it’s delicious). Overall a great first impression and looking forward to the week ahead.

On the approach
The maze of rooms at the Mandarin Oriental


Until next time! (tomorrow).



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