Quick Island Hop

On our first full day in the city we decided to hop on a cable car over to Sentosa Island. I didn’t know much about this little tourist hotspot, but it turns out it has a pretty interesting past. Previously known as Pulau Belakang Mati (which roughly translates from Malay as “Island of death from behind” :-0 ), Sentosa has been a WW2 British military fortress, a prisoner of war camp and the site of the execution of numerous Chinese men as part of “Operation Sook Ching”, a 1942 Japanese military operation aimed at eliminating anti-Japanese elements from the Chinese community in Singapore.

In 1972, the island was renamed “Sentosa’ (meaning peace and tranquility in Malay). Millions of pounds of investment has helped to turn it into the tourist destination it is today, starting with the Singapore Cable Car system which was built in 1974 and the addition of Universal Studios which opened in 2010.  Starting in the lush green forest of Mount Faber, we rode the cable car down to the harbour then across to Sentosa Island and spent the day wondering around the beach and attractions.

The day was bit overcast but I managed to get a few nice pics to share with you.

Until next time!




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